The tasks that teachers create on Day 4 will need to be uploaded to the wiki. So, here are the instructions:

  1. Don’t do any of this until at least the end of day three.
  2. Have the participants point their browsers to
  3. If they already have an account tell them to click on Sign In.
  4. If they do not have an account have them click on the Teacher button. They can then enter a Username and a Password. They then enter their e-mail address. Tell them to click on “No” below where it asks “Make a Wiki?” They then click on Join.
  5. An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address they entered in step 3. They need to go to their e-mail and click on the hyperlink confirming their e-mail address.
  6. Have them then go to the wiki and click on the button that says “Request Membership”. You will then get an e-mail asking you to approve their membership. Approve it and they are in!
  7. They then upload their tasks the way you uploaded your stuff. I will put a page on the wiki that explains how to do that.
  8. Confused? Call me or e-mail me! Hundreds of people did this last year and it was really easy. Relatively.

Here is a file that Laura (Lolly) Jones put together that you can project. We can't print it at this point. Thanks, Lolly, for the help!